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PONO Asset Management creates, acquires, and invests in companies that share our common vision. 

Our goal is to promote the community spirit through our companies double bottom line approach of socially conscious investments. It is our belief that working together we can achieve enhanced results.


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Buy, Sell, Lease in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Brokers International assists clients in buying, selling, and leasing commercial real estate.  CBI always keeps their clients best interest in mind when advising on and closing the transaction.  They use their strong knowledge of the local real estate market to ensure that the deal suits the client's needs.  To give back to the community, any Agent of CBI can donate to a 501-C3 organization and CBI will match the proportionate company share for every dollar they donate.  Visit them at www.CBIcommercial.com     

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Property Management for Commercial and Residential Real Estate

LLC Property Management increases the efficiencies and return on investment on every property class and type and reduces the necessary physical and mental labor required to successfully run the property.  To improve the communities they work in, LLCPM has started a rewards program with coupons to local retail stores and vendors.  Visit them at www.LLCPM.com.

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the rrd

Simplifying Your Real Estate Needs

The RRD is your one stop shop for all of your real estate and insurance needs.  Whether you're a property owner, manager, agent, broker, or even just a human being, you have a use for the RRD.  They provide tenant and employee screening services, a free rental history database, the ability to post and find jobs in the insurance and real estate industry, 4 kinds of insurance including renters, liability, and property insurance, debt collection services, neighborhood email alerts, a vendor search system, property management referrals and more.    Visit them at www.TheRRD.com.

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Tutoring and Mentoring Programs in Apartment Communities

Learning Links Centers is a socially responsible real estate investment company that looks to improve communities they invest in by offering free tutoring to students living in their apartment communities.  Visit them at www.learninglinkscenters.com

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Scholarships For Growing Minds

Founded alongside Learning Links Centers is the Education Advantage Foundation.  EAF is a 501-C3 organization that provides scholarships and life enrichment programs to students.  Visit them at www.educationadvantage.org.

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Investing &


Pono Asset Management is a long term holding company that is focused on creating and acquiring companies that have a like minded mission of generating a viable business while giving back to the communities they operate in.

Pono Asset Management is a strong believer in creating value for its ownership all the while giving back. We look to promote the community spirit through our companies while generating increased income through our double bottom line approach of socially conscious investments.

It is our belief that working together we can accomplish more and have better input which will thereby achieve better results. The current companies under Pono Asset Management were created by the owners and are being operated with their guidance, the goal being to continue to create companies, acquire companies or in some cases create partnerships with companies that share our mission.


Meaning of PONO

Pono is a Hawaiian word that has no direct translation to the English language, but essentially means to do the right thing, which we have adopted as one of the founding principles of our company.

Investing can be seen as a one way street; however, we believe that we can, and have created viable business models where we can improve our bottom line by actively searching out responsible investments whereby the community in which we invest also directly benefits.