George Pino and Joe Killinger became partners at The Sands Group in 1993, a start-up real estate auction company as an affiliate of Fred Sands Realtors, one of the largest independent real estate companies in the U.S. at that time.  Through their knowledge of the market and their business development, The Sands Group became the second largest real estate auction company in California within the span of 2 years.  During their tenure at The Sands Group they began investing in multifamily real estate.  Through these investments they saw a need for a Socially Responsible Real Estate Investment vehicle. In 2002, Joe and George created Learning Links Centers, a socially responsible real estate investment company, to fill a niche in LMI Market investments.  

The Education Advantage Foundation was founded alongside LLC to offer additional opportunities to the students in LMI markets, including scholarships, and life enrichment programs.  In the same year, they created LLC Property Management to manage these assets, later growing the company to also include fee management.  Concurrent with the creation of Learning Links Centers, they were approached by DBL Realtors to create their commercial real estate division.  After a few years of growth, DBL was sold to Sotheby’s International Realty.  Upon the sale of DBL Realtors to Sotheby's International Realty in 2005, Joe and George left to create Commercial Brokers International Inc.  Their latest endeavor and newest company began in 2010, as a result of Learning Links Centers' expansion into the Texas market, Joe and George saw a need for a F.C.R.A. compliant rental history database,, which has since expanded nationwide within a matter of three years after its inception.  All of the above companies were created and are owned by Joe and George.    

Craig manages all marketing initiatives and marketing employees for PONO Asset Management and its 5 underlying companies including Commercial Brokers International, LLC Property Management,, Learning Links Centers, and The Education Advantage Foundation. On top of this he undergoes research and strategizes for future company assets.

With a Master’s in Human Behavior from the University of Southern California, Craig brings the unique insight of psychology into the marketing field. Craig’s marketing philosophy at its core is about building and improving relationships between businesses and the community as a whole. Craig is experienced in Social Media marketing, E-commerce, Business management, and SEO. When the opportunity presents itself, Craig allows his abilities in music composition and production to shine in his marketing initiatives and has previous experience of writing music for media campaigns. 

Craig's very approachable nature is a valuable asset to Pono. This combined with his keen sense of data analysis and creative idea generation propels the team forward in innovative ways. If you are in need of any consultation on marketing strategies, Craig is your go to! 

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Joe Killinger and George Pino

Partners in Acquisitions

Craig McIlvain

Director of Marketing